A Windows program to navigate through GEDCOM files

Current version: 1.02, 27 January 2000

Many genealogy software programs are capable of reading in and navigating through GEDCOM files.  But I hate using them for that, because these programs are usually huge and take forever to fire up and read the file.

I found a streamlined program that just views GEDCOM files and nothing else.  It works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000.  You are welcome to the program for free, if you would find it useful.  It is copyrighted , which means no one else can (legally) steal it and charge money for it; but it's free for the downloading.

Download it now

Your browser will probably ask you whether you want to save GedView.exe as a file. Say yes, and choose an appropriate location on your hard drive. If you don't know where to put it, I'd suggest:
"C:\Program Files\GedView" (creating the directory if it doesn't exist)

To run GedView: Just start it up by double-clicking on its icon in "My Computer" or Windows Explorer, and do File/Open to open any GEDCOM file on your computer.  It starts by showing the first person in the GEDCOM file.  You navigate through the GEDCOM file by clicking on anything in blue.  You can also navigate like this:

Note that this program only reads GEDCOM files.  It does not edit them or create new ones, even though at times it might look like it does.

Printing doesn't seem to work well; I haven't figured that out yet.  There are probably other bugs too -- use at your own risk!  (Since it doesn't actually write anything to disk, it should be safe enough.)  The program has been tested and works fine with GEDCOM files produced by Family Tree Maker, PAF, Reunion, and Genes, and those downloaded from RootsWeb and  Please let the author know if you have trouble with GEDCOM files from other sources.

Are you a Macintosh user looking for a GEDCOM viewer program? Try GEDitCOM, a program written by John Nairn.

Please send the author feedback or suggestions that you might have about GedView.

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The following legal notice appears on the Help/About screen of the GedView program:

Copyright © 2000 T. Mark James, Intron Varia Consultants.
All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies
of the GedView program, provided that:
(1) no charge of any kind may be made for such copies; and
(2) the copyright notice must be preserved on all copies; and
(3) this Permission Notice must be preserved on all copies.